Video Testimonials:

Video Testimonial by Tony from Burlington, Ontario who is an iPad client.


Video Testimonial by Chris, an experienced iPad user has just completed her second set of iPad lessons.


Written Testimonials:

“A ray of sunshine hit our seniors residence when the activities director announced that we would have the opportunity to attend a series of ten iPad tutorials given by a volunteer. Little did we know how bright that sunshine ray would be. We have now completed eight of these sessions.

Although I have used an iPad for six years, assisted by my daughter all along, I have learned something new in each tutorial, even if it was as simple as an alternative way of performing an operation. I was particularly pleased to learn how to use the camera operations. Now I can take photos on all our outings with some degree of skill and come home and edit them.

But more importantly, Tara, our instructor, delivers each session with caring and knowledge. (We have yet to present a challenge she can’t overcome.) She is deeply concerned about each of us keeping up with her. Each tutorial is illustrated on the overhead screen in the theatre and linked to her iPad. Thus we copy her movements on our iPads as we move ahead. Great! If only I could have done this when I was a teacher!

In addition to the tutorial sessions, she offers one-on-one assistance. As a result of these private lessons, Tara has offered to backup my photographs on an external storage drive that she has sourced and then accompany me to the Apple Store to buy a new iPad. Following this purchase, she will assist me in seeing that someone else can get use out of my existing iPad. You can see how her volunteer service extends far beyond the “classroom”.

Thank you, Tara. And after completing your first ten lessons we will await your second set of tutorials.”

– Catherine, Burlington August 2017

“Tara has helped me immensely to become familiar with my IPad.  I was a complete novice.
She spends her time to work with seniors (I am 90), taking time from other commitments
and raising a family.  She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and explains things slowly and
clearly.  I am very grateful to her and only too happy to offer this testimonial”.

– Shirley, Burlington July, 2017

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